347 x Duck Down

Bandung, 2020 — After several hits, Duck Down once again teamed up to make yet another statement t-shirts, this time with UNKL347, a well-known pioneer of clothing line from Bandung, Indonesia. Founded in 1996, UNKL347 started off with their love towards music, skateboarding, surfing and design. Ever since, they’ve made their marks and became “a thing” in urban communities, attracting not only locals but also people around the nation, providing good quality clothing that carries with it: comfort and pride.

From organizing youth movements, innovating a new form of creativity, to supporting any kind of sub-culture evolution, UNKL347 offers pleasure, meaning, and beauty through good design, with aim to make it more accessible and affordable than ever. Bold and kicking, the very idea and approach aligns with Duck Down, the American dive-bar inspired speakeasy in the heart of Jakarta. Serving as a social sphere, Duck Down subtly created an emerging community bonded by 90s rock music, rebellion and the love of karaoke.

This November, UNKL347 and Duck Down came up with their own exclusive t-shirts in 3 distinct designs and colors. It is a one-time collection with no further plan to restock as they aim to keep it exclusive. Each t-shirt is sold for IDR 200.000,- with 10% discount on bundle of all three. With both brands joining forces, the era of cool t-shirt is once again happening, uniting like-minded people who happen to live for good fabrics and a rather good eye.

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