Elephant Kind 

Elephant Kind was originally formed in 2013 by singer-guitarist-songwriter Bam Mastro during his studies at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. In early 2014, he met Bayu Adisapoetra, whom later become Elephant Kind’s drummer-percussionist, and Dewa Pratama as keyboardist-guitarist-multi-instrumentalist.

 They have come and shown that they are not the type of one-hit-wonder kind of band through their successful singles such as Oh Well, With Grace, and Why Did You Have to Go?. Their debut EP Scenarios: A Short Film by Elephant Kind released in November 2014 drew people’s attention. Followed by an appreciation by Jakarta Beat who named them Best New Artist of 2015 after the release of the band’s second EP Promenades: A Short Film by Elephant Kind in 2015. They also have done several collaborations, such as working with Lee Buddle of Crack Recording, Australia, and many others, including UNKL347.

 They introduced 2 off-the-hook singles Beat The Ordinary and Montage prior to the release of their debut album, City J, on September 21st 2016, with #ThisAlbumIsGold as their move.

 It is an honor to have the chance of taking our part in the elephant steps they are making. Our old house new home headquarters is their home everytime they are performing in our home city. For many times ahead, we will continue on doing this Friends Do It With UNKL collaboration to create something more valuable and pleasurable.

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