In HABA HOUSE, an eternal feelingof being home,is never necessarilybeing questionedRead More

    11/24/2015 Home, Projects, Discover
  • BK 1

    Upon arriving on this northern part of Bandung, one will be captivated by the atmosphere of this neighborhood. A feeling of calm and serenewill emanate from this area. Here, as one of UNKL347's...Read More

    11/21/2015 Projects
  • BK 2

    Because every nook and cranny of the house could tell us what type of its owner could be. Be it for a bachelor or the newlyweds, those well-designed housing are surely became the object of anyone’s...Read More

    11/21/2015 Projects
  • GC

    We took your meaning of home to the new level. Minimal, simple, and clean sure is our go-to words when we designed these houses, that we hope you’re gonna experience those feelings the first time...Read More

    11/21/2015 Projects
  • 36 Hide Out

    The studio is a small space below the workshop room where you can spot Dendy Darman working on his projects regarding interior and stuff, while the workshop room upstairs is UNKL347's very own...Read More

    11/21/2015 Home, Projects