Started off as our own ‘playground’, UNKL347 has grown into something that is so much more than what first was the love towards music, skateboarding, surfing, and design. From organizing youth movements, innovating a new form of creativity, up to supporting any kind of sub-culture evolution, we simply offer a chance to bring pleasure, meaning, and beauty to our lives through good design, now that is more accessible and affordable than ever.

We are now extending by specifying our focuses. We have UNKL347 that holds clothing line. Surfing has always held on to our heart, that’s why we have Lucas and Sons. Then we have Dendy Darman Studio for interior and household stuff. Last but not least, U&KL Kitchen will satisfy your belly and spoil your tongue.

We realize that life is a cause for celebration. From the things we make based on what we want and need, we always try to make it feel and look good on you.